Our Story

We’re NFT Siblings, one of the largest investment communities in the NFT space.

It was founded by JC, a 7-year veteran digital goods trader, investor, and Pak fan. We’ve grown to over 3000 members in just 3 months.

Our mission is to help NFT investors, collectors & creators gain financial freedom by understanding how to analyze the industry effectively.

We do this through:

Videos on YouTube
Guides on Twitter
Interviews and weekly events in our Discord Server

The ad revenue from our YouTube channel is invested back into the community via giveaways and by purchasing works from artists in the Siblings community.

As investors, our NFT profit average is currently 2.6x ROI each month ($200K+ from March).

We are always looking to welcome new Siblings into the family, so please join us!

Mission Statement

To help investors make smarter investments.

To help collectors become mindful curators.

To help artists evolve with the market.

Together, as siblings.  


a very scary moment

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Hello, friends. I hope this message finds you well.In a recent post I described how important Discord is to navigating the NFT space, connecting with other collectors, and to accessing…

hello, i’m larryp. failed scholar. collector, cube burner

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“My NFT collaboration drops this Sunday, check it out!”So, I did. But what is an NFT, I murmured to myself.In 2017, I decided to start collecting art and I allocated…

How our SSS design came to be: A Story Through Development

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Why did we choose robots?: Q: What represents NFTs and family the best? A: Something that is the future technology and forever: Robots   Artist: FongShader I have always worked…

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